Information Technology Articles

Articles about the products and services the Information Technology team supports.

Categories (8)

Computer, Device and Printing Support

Knowledge/Training on services that enable community members to do their day-to-day work, including providing access to enterprise services. Includes network access, user file storage, end-point computing backup solutions, desktop virtualization, computer labs, and printing.

Communication & Collaboration

Knowledge and training for Email, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and Conference and Meeting Room Scheduling.

Enterprise Applications

Knowledge and training services related to Colleague, Webadvisor, and Ellumen, Adobe Acrobat and many more

Teaching and Learning

Knowledge and training for service offerings related to classroom equipment, Canvas support/training and Professional Development Training, (Vision Resource Center).

YCCD WiFi, Networking & Infrastructure

Knowledge and training for wired and wireless access, remote access and network configurations.

OneDrive & Network Storage

Knowledge and training to help with accessing shared drives, folders, and files using OneDrive, SharePoint, and onsite storage.

Web Content

Knowledge and traing for services related to the mobile application and websites, including content management systems.

Information Security

Knowledge and training for information security, data integrity, and compliance for institutional activities.

Articles (6)

How to Solve Common Web Browser Issues (Updating, Clearing Cache & Other Site Data)

How to update and clear browser data for Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge browsers

Student Self Service - Registering for Classes

Information article on how to use your College Self Service module to register for classes

Student Self Service - Required Agreements

This article will provide information on using the student self service module to complete "Required Agreement", "Student Planning", "Registration" and other areas contained in the this module

YCCD - Getting Started For Students

Information articles on how to get started as a student of the Yuba Community College District