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Articles about the products and services the Information Technology team supports.

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Human Resources Knowledge Base articles and information.

Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services Plays and integral role in reporting and filing financial information for the District. Reports and sup reporting documentation can also be found on Boardocs, http//

Citizens Bond Oversite Committee

Information on the bonds associated to the Citizens Bond Oversite Committee

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YCCD Record Retention Policy

APPLICATION: Officers, Faculty, Staff and all other Employees

YCCD Website Privacy Notice

Explanation of Yuba Community College District website privacy notice.

YCCD Data Security & Privacy Protection: Exhibit A

APPLICATION:  This administrative procedure applies to all individuals who collect, use, or share district information.

YCCD Data Collection, Usage, & Sharing: Exhibit B

APPLICATION: This applies to all individuals that interact with Yuba Community College District in a way that causes YCCD to collect data about them.

YCCD California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA): Exhibit C

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was enacted in 2018 and takes effect on January 1, 2020. This landmark piece of legislation secures new privacy rights for California consumers. On October 10, 2019, Attorney General Xavier Becerra released draft regulations under the CCPA for public comment.

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