How to Reset [Portal/Office365] Password

How Do I Reset my Portal Password?

YCCD utilizes a self-service password reset located in the link below.  To use password reset you must be registered with the system with Multi-factor recovery methods and security questions.


Please refer to the following knowledge base article for the process of registering your recovery methods: 

How to set up multi-factor authentication and security questions in order to reset your password in MyApps Portal

How to add Security Methods on Microsoft Account if the system REQUIRES you to do so


Password Complexity Requirements:

  • Minimum 12 characters long

  • Uppercase letters 

  • Lowercase letters

  • Base 10 digits (0 through 9).

  • Non-alphanumeric characters (special characters):


Once enrolled in two different Multi-factor authentication methods, you can reset your Portal/Office365 password yourself.
You can reset your password @ 


*Please note that once your password has been reset, you must wait 24 hours before resetting your password again*

If you receive an error or cannot get into your account, please call the help desk (530.741.6981) during office hours (8-5 | M-F) so we can verify your identity and reset your password if necessary.


Need further assistance? 

Additional Resources
Logging In - Access to YCCD Online Systems


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