Office Applications - Download/Install

How do I download and install the Microsoft Office Applications?

As a member of the Yuba Community College District, you have free access to the Microsoft Office Applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more.

Here are the steps to download and install these applications on your personal device:

1. Log into your PortalGuard-Single Sign-On account at

2. Select the Office 365 icon

    image of office 365 icon

3. Once you are logged into your email, select the Grid icon in the top left corner

grid icon in left of office 365 mailbox



4. Select "Office 365"

image of selecting office 365 icon



5. Go to the "Install Office" link on the right, you will get a drop-down menu, select "Office 365 apps"

image of arrow pointing to office 365 apps



6. This will begin the download, from here you can follow the Installation prompts.

image of installation prompts


If you have any questions or need help going through this process please contact the helpdesk at or at 530-741-6981


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