How to use YCCD Zoom Rooms

How do I use the YCCD Zoom Rooms?

YCCD Zoom Classroom Location

Yuba College

603/ 607/ 806/ 808/ 843/ 846/ 847/ 849/ 1006/1007/1015/1016/ 1018/1019/ 2130/ 2131/ 2140/2142/2148/2149/2150/2155/ 3002 and 3003

Woodland Community College

626 /629 /842/ 843
*new* 801, 803, 804, 807, 808
*no Zoom added yet* 840, 841

Sutter County Campus

102 / 103 / 104 /105 / 106 / 111 / 203 and 204

Lake County Campus


How to use the YCCD Zoom Classrooms

1. Below is how the Zoom control panel (White) should look when not in a meeting or showing content.

image of zoom control panel

2. Press the Room Controls (bottom Left) and the controls appears (center of screen). 
These allow you turn On and Off the room Displays.
Select Content Source PC, Doc Cam or Blank to stop showing content
Room Volume Up and Down
And Room Mute On and Off

image of room controls

3.  Pressing Share Screen brings up this screen where you then press the Desktop button (center screen).

image of presentation screen

4.  The below screen appears as shown when there is no local PC or Doc Cam signal being received by the Zoom Room Poly system.  If the local PC or Doc Cam is sending a signal  then there will be an additional line that says Use HDMI.

Below is also what you see if you are not in meeting and sharing content.  In this mode you will not have access to the room controls.  To re-gain the room controls press the Start      Meeting (upper right).

image of local PC or Doc Cam screen

5.  One of the advantages to YCCD Zoom is that now you can select Join and use a meeting code you create for each of your classes.  Each Class should have it’s own meeting code  and when you press the Join button and then enter that code in the following screen then the meeting controls will default to being the Host.  This is provided you have a YCCD Zoom  Account and created the meeting with that account.

image of schedule of classes

6.  This the screen where you will enter a meeting code.  Enter the code then press the join button.

image of meeting code screen

7.  This is the main screen where you control your meeting from.  Most of the controls are the same as you would find in a regular Zoom Meeting.  The Room Controls are in the upper right corner of the screen and look like a white square with 4 arrow heads.

image of main screen

8.  Pressing the Room controls brings up the controls as seen before except they are on a white background to help see them.  When finished with the room Controls press the Done button and the control panel disappears.

image of room controls

9.   When your class is over and you are recording make sure to STOP the recording.  Failure to stop the recording will result in not being able to become the Host next time you sign in. When you press the RED End button. The screen below will appear. PLEASE make sure to press the End Meeting of All 
(below the white box with Leave and Cancel).  Failure to press that button will remove you from your 
meeting but leave it open for everyone else.  Also you won't be able to reclaim Host at the next session

Image of end session screen

10.  IF you are having problems with the Zoom Room, press the little Gear button.  The Gear is found on the bottom left on the opening screen page, OR in the upper right when in a meeting.  On this screen see below, Press the Help button and it will show a further help screen.

image of setting screens

11.  In the upper right corner will be 2 options.  PLEASE select the top one “Report issue to IT”.  Pressing the bottom one will send a report to Zoom the company and will result in delays getting help.  The Top option sends a report straight to Helpdesk at and they will be able to help or contact the correct person to provide assistance.

image of where to report issues

12.  After selecting the “Report issue to IT” option you will see this screen.  Select the area where you are having problems.  In the optional field enter your e-mail address, you can enter your contact information on a pop-up keyboard.  The only issue is that you must have a YCCD Zoom account.  So, sending to a personal e-mail address won’t work.  When ready press the Submit button or press Close to exit without sending.

image of select issue type

13.  Below is an image of the pop-up keyboard that you use to type in messages.

image of keyboard to provide issue information

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