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Adding new YCCD Zoom account to Canvas account

After activating your new YCCD Zoom account you will need to add module to your Canvas account in Setting>Navigation.

Adobe - Obtaining a Written signature

Obtaining a physical signature is sometimes required. It could be for legal or compliance requirements, policy positions or simply because one or both parties are more comfortable with signatures in a physical format.

Blackboard Ally - Student course content accessibility

Blackboard Ally creates alternative files that are easier to use by all students. Ally works within your online course so it's available right where you need it.

Canvas - add/drop students from course

For courses that are generated via our registration system (Ellucian Colleague) – the students are added/dropped to your Canvas courses automatically.

Note: The sync process occurs every couple of hours and sometimes it can take up to six hours for the changes propagate between all systems.

Canvas - adding a TA or student to course

Information on adding TA or student to Canvas course

Canvas - Can't see class(es)

Contact information for Canvas class issues. If they are listed, it can take 4 to 6 hours after registering, before the class shows in your Canvas account.

Canvas - Can't see course(s)

Article on possible reason for not seeing your course(s) in Canvas

Canvas - ConferZoom Ready Checklist and Resources

Instructions and videos about using ConferZoom in Canvas.

Canvas - Create/Merge Users

Information on creation on/or merging users in Canvas

Canvas - Immersive Reader Feature

Immersive Reader is a learning tool that uses proven techniques to improve reading for students, regardless of their age or ability. Key features include "read text out loud," "break it into syllables," and "increase spacing between lines and letters." It offers text-decoding solutions for students with learning differences such as dyslexia, and it encourages independent reading and helps teachers support students’ unique learning needs.

Canvas - Merge/Cross-Listing Courses

Information on cross listing and merging courses in Canvas

Canvas LTIs

Canvas LTIs (Learning Tools Interoperability) is a standard for third-party tools. It allows third-party tools to be easily integrated and used within Canvas. This article describes the LTIs we have installed in our Canvas LMS.

Canvas Studio - Student

Canvas Studio is a media tool that allows students and instructors to upload, create, edit, manage, share and discuss audio and video files.

How to create a sandbox course in Canvas

Creating sandbox course in Canvas

Labster - Lab Simulation (Students)

Labster gives students access to a realistic lab experience that will let them perform experiments and practice their skills in a fun and risk-free learning environment.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is where people in your organization can upload, view, and share videos securely.

Microsoft Teams

The Teams service enables instant messaging, audio and video calling


NetTutor provides online tutoring services for college students through an internet browser.

Opening .tsv files in Excel

Instructions on downloading and opening .tsv files in excel

Proctorio - Student Application Information

Proctorio gives faculty control over testing environments, controls, and abnormalities.

Purchase Educational Software at a Discount

Link to website to purchase educational software at discount prices

Ready Education Mobile App - Canvas Integration Update

Integration update on Ready Education Mobile App, formally OohLaLa.

Snagit - Screen capture and recording software

Snagit is a screen capture and recording software used to quickly capture a process, add your explanation and create visual instructions.

Student Chromebook Checkout and Help Information

Article on Student checkout of YCCD owned Chromebook and helpful information

Students using Chromebook offline

It’s possible for students to work offline, but certain steps have to be taken in order to do so.

Using Respondus LockDown Browser on Chromebooks

Directions on how to use Respondus LockDown Browser on District Chromebooks.

YCCD Zoom Account

Zoom is a web conferencing tool that provides remote conferencing services. The Canvas-Zoom integration allows instructors to schedule online meetings from within Canvas and is available in all Canvas sites. You can also schedule non-Canvas course related Zoom meetings.