Zoom Room presentation from computer

How do I connect my computer to the classroom podium for a presentation?
  • Select Presentation on the podium screen

Image of the presentation button on the podium screen

  • Select Desktop
Image of select Desktop on the podium screen
  • Open browser on your computer and type in share.zoom.us in the browser

Image of the go to meeting address and ID

  • Type in Meeting ID from podium screen (above) into the zoom meeting ID on your computer

Image of computer screen to input the zoom meeting ID

  • On the podium screen, select Allow to connect to the computer for sharing your screen

Image of podium screen to allow zoom link to computer screen

  • Select the application on the computer you wish to share to the class

Image of computer screen to select application to share to the class

  • The class will now see your computer screen

Image of what the class will see on classroom monitor

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