Employee Assistance Program




How Do I Request Help?

Call 1-800-937-7770

Collect at 707-747-0117

The help line is available 24 hours per day.  The program staff will refer you the most appropriate resource for your issues. You will be referred to local counselors, attorneys, treatment centers, self-help programs and other sources of immediate assistance.

What if My Co-Worker or Family Member (Including Domestic Partner) Needs the Help?

First, strongly encourage him or her to call the EAP.  It's private and services are 100% paid for by your employer.  Supervisors, Family members and co-workers should call the EAP for consultation when someone you work with or who is close to you has a problem.  The EAP can help you find a Solution!

What is An Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)?

The EAP is a confidential, professional resource that is provided by your employer.  With a staff of counselors, psychologist, attorneys and other helping professionals the program can help employees and their family members resolve personal problems.  The services are delivered by Human Behavior Associates, Inc.

What Specific Services are Available?

  • No cost counseling services with licensed, professional counselors.
  • Free legal consultations, Reduced fee legal services.
  • Free debt counseling. Low cost dept repayment plans.
  • Free financial planning services.
  • Preferred rates for treatment of psychiatric, emotional, marital/family, and substance abuse problem
  • Referral service for community resources, self-help support groups, eldercare and childcare resources and other services.   

    How Much Does it Cost?

    You may see a licensed counselor or attorney at no cost.  Your employer has contracted with HBA to provide a specific number of no-cost counseling sessions.  For continued treatment, ongoing legal services, financial planning or debt management services, there may be charges. HBA has arranged for lowered costs for any continuing services. 

    Who is Human Behavior Associates (HBA)?

    Human Behavior Associates is a private firm that specializes in providing employee counseling and assistance programs. 

    The staff is composed of psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, attorneys, financial counselors and addictions counselors.  all counseling staff members are in private practice a readily available.  Day, evening and Saturday appointments are available.

    Is the EAP Private?

    All contacts between employees and the EAP is strictly confidential.  No one is advised regarding who uses the program.  Your personal matters will not be disclosed to anyone, except at you written request.

    Who Pays For the EAP?

    The Service of the EAP are 100% paid for by your employer.  The organization recognizes that the employee with a personal for family problem is not an effective employee.  Therefore, this program is an investment in the quality of work life for all employees.  It is sincerely hoped that employees with personal or family problems with make use of the services. 

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