Self-Service Time Approval

 Sign into Self Service  (  Through the Single Sign-on Portal

Select Tile by location


Select Employee and then Time Approval to access your pending timecards.

Employees now have the ability to “Unsubmit” any timecard that requires corrections prior to your approval.

Timecards must be reviewed and approved the next working day by 10:00am on last working day of each month.


You will receive an email for every timecard “Submitted” and “Unsubmitted” by your employee(s).

Select the pay period to review by employee.

• The status will show if the timecard is complete and submitted by your employee along with a summary of the hours entered.

• To fully access the employee’s timecard, click the View button.

 Review time worked for each day

 Verify weekly totals of regular, sick, personal, COVID-19 and vacation were submitted.

 Select “Approve” if the time entered is correct. (see below for incorrect timecards)

The employee listing should now show “approved” as the status.

Go to next employee to repeat approval process

Select Other Actions to reject, unapproved, or add a comment to a timecard.


If the timecard is rejected, you'll have an opportunity to enter a reason.  This information will be electronically sent to the employee by email.


 The employee listing should now show “Rejected” as the status.

If your employee needs to correct a timecard that you have already approved, you can choose “Unapproved” from the “Other Actions” drop down. The employee can then “Unsubmit” their timecard, adjust their time, and resubmit for approval.

You will then need to “Approve” again. (This can only be done before the supervisor approval deadline of 10 AM)

If a timecard is incorrect and needs to be corrected by the employee, you can choose to “Reject” their timecard. You will be prompted to leave a comment for the employee, which is automatically emailed to the employee for their reference. (This can only be done before the employee timecard deadline of 11:59 PM on last working day of each month)

If changes need to be made after the employee time entry deadline, the supervisor can make the adjustment and approve the timecard.

Supervisors should add a comment explaining the change made to the employee’s timecard. Once the comment is saved, the employee will receive an automated email of the comment for their reference.

Set up a Proxy Approver

Supervisors in Self-Service can designate another employee to act as their proxy, which grants the proxy access to approve an employee’s timecard on the Supervisors behalf. To access select Employee Proxy.


Select “+Add Time Approval Proxy”

Once selected click “Add Proxy”  Enter the name of the person you would like to approve timecards.

  • Once you set up a proxy, it goes into effect immediately and remains until you remove it.
  • Either you or the proxy will be able to approve the employee’s timecard.
  • To remove a proxy click the red x in a circle

If you have any Questions, Contact:

Teresa Dorantes-Basile

Fiscal Services Department-Payroll Technician


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