Self-Service Time Entry

Sign into Self Service  (  Through the Single Sign-on Portal

Select Tile by location

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 Select Employee and then Time Entry to access your timecard



Select the timecard for the current pay period

Note: Prior pay periods will be moved to time history once payroll has been processed


Enter only actual hours worked during the pay period.

• Daily entry is recommended.

• Time is recorded in 15 minute increments.

• If you did not work on a particular day, leave the entry box empty.

• Completed timecards are due on the last working day of each month, by 11:59pm.

• Supervisor approvals are due the next working day by 10:00am.

To submit your timecard for approval, click the SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL button.

 You will know your timecard has been submitted three ways: SUCCESS will appear in the top right in green, the submit button will change to RETURN TIMECARD TO EDIT, and your timecard landing page will have the word SUBMITTED below the pay period range

If you need to correct your timecard, select RETURN TIMECARD TO EDIT button. You may only edit your timecard if the pay period is open for entry submission and the supervisor has not approved the timecard.

 If you need to correct your timecard and your supervisor has already approved it, you will need to ask them to “Unapproved/Reject” the timecard. This will allow you to select the RETURN TIMECARD edit option.

 If the pay period is closed for employee submission, then the supervisor can make the change on the employee’s behalf. Supervisors should indicate adjustments in the comment box. An automated email will notify the employee that an adjustment was made

Supervisors may REJECT A TIMECARD back to you for corrections if they do not agree with time submitted. Automated emails are sent with the supervisors’ comments or you may also view the comments in Self Service. If your timecard is rejected, you will see “Rejected” under the pay period date range.

 Corrections must be made before the pay period closes for employee time entry. If the pay period is closed, then the supervisor can make the change on the employee behalf. Supervisors should indicate adjustments in the comment box as an automated email will be received by the employee that an adjustment was made

Time History

Employees may review prior completed timecards in Self Service under the Time History heading.

Select the year and the pay period to view.


If you have any Questions, Contact:

Teresa Dorantes-Basile

Fiscal Services Department-Payroll Technician


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