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How do I create or update my education plan using Self Service?

This article will provide information on creating your Student Plan within Self-Service.

If you would like to review a video presentation of this information please select this link to the 20 minute video: Student Self-Service Video

Students must complete their Required Agreements before Registering for Classes.

Students must add courses in Student Planning before Registering for Classes.

Information article: Student Self Service - Required Agreements

After logging into the YCCD Single Sign-On Portal at, and selecting the WCC Self-Service or the Yuba Self-Service tile, select Student Planning and this window will open.

Image of Student Planning window     


You have options to View Your Progress or Plan your Degree & Register for Classes.

Also notice that you have a dashboard that shows your progress towards your current major/program, and you can also see this semester's course schedule.

When you click "Go to My Progress". It will take you to a detailed screen that shows your progress towards your major/program. The sample major/program below is for Sociology.


Image of Go To My Progress window   


Please note that this is 2 of 2 programs. You can be currently enrolled in more then 1 major/program.

On the right side, you will see a progress bar for overall progress, total credit stored (the 60 unit graduation requirement), and total credits for this school.
On the left hand side, you will see current GPA, name of the major/program and the year in which you have catalog rights.
This page also contains the overall requirements to complete this major/program.

As you scroll down the page, you'll continue to see information under each sub header for your requirements, what your level of completion is, and which areas are in progress.


Image of level of completion   


Items identified as "Completed" or "In Progress" are green on your progress, while items identified as "Planned" are yellow on your progress. 

Going back to top of this screen, you will find a button for Load Sample Course Plan. 
My Progress Screen Pointing to Load Sample Course Plan
New window opens.

Image of Load Sample Course Plan window 


You can now see all terms that are currently in the sample course plan, that will be set in the Timeline and you can now start arranging your schedule. 


Image of all terms that currently part of the sample course plan 


Select Load

The system will give a green check mark confirming that you have successfully added the courses into your plan and it will take you to the schedule tab under student planning.


Image that you have successfully added course to plan  Select Timeline to make


Make sure that sure you plan is correct.


Image showing courses scheduled per term


Example Timeline already has courses preset for Fall 2020 through Spring 2022.

You can start arranging your schedule by dragging and dropping each of these placeholder courses into the term you would like to take the course.
Picture of the Timeline demonstrating the drag and drop functionality for moving courses between terms
Caution symbols in course information are identified in yellow with a warning message, letting you know that there are some requirement(s) that need to be fulfilled before you will be able to register for that course.
To search for a course, type in the course name in 'Search for Courses' box located in the top right corner (i.e. HLTH-1).

Image of course schedule you can arrange by dragging and dropping 


This will open the course catalog and allow you to select the course for your student plan. Please note that caution window could open with information that some classes are not offered every semester. Make sure you select the term that you want the course to be added to in your plan.

Image showing search for course area window 
Upper right corner is acknowledgement that course has been added to your plan.
On the left side select 'Back to Plan & Schedule' and then back to your Timeline to check that the selected course has been added to your schedule. If this course is replaces a placeholder, then remove the placeholder course (i.e. XWCSU-E:  Lifelong & Self Dev).
Picture of the selected course added to the timeline
Now once registration opens you are ready to register.
Selecting the Counseling tab will provide a couple options.


Image showing the Counseling tab window 
On the right you can request a review of your current plan. 
You can also 'Compose a Note' and select save note and the note will be available to the counsellor who is reviewing your Student Plan.

Please make sure your Required Agreements have been completed - Student Self Service - Required Agreements

Information article on Registering for Classes - Student Self Service - Registering for Classes

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