Scan to email or OneDrive on any District MFP


How do I scan to email or my OneDrive from the MFP?


Scanning from the MFP to email and OneDrive

Choose Scan icon

Example of YCCD Print Opening Options page at MFP

1.When you choose the YCCDPrint "Scan" Icon you can choose Scan to email or scan to OneDrive.

The first time you scan to OneDrive, you will be sent an email with a link to OneDrive to give permissions

for PaperCut to send your scans to your OneDrive Cloud location. 

Example of YCCD Print MFP Scan Actions Page

2. You can change the name of your scan file by selecting the box with the default Filename.

You can also make additional changes to the file format etc. by selecting the "Settings" button.

Example of YCCD Print MFP Scan Details Page

3. You can change your scan settings from this screen as shown below.

If the New document checkbox is selected, you will be prompted to load another document

into the document feeder to create another scan file.

The subsequent file names will have a number appended.

Example of YCCD Print MFP Scan Settings Page

4. Color scan is the default selection, if not needed select grayscale and file size will be reduced.

5. When your scan is completed you will see a brief screen to confirm.

Example of YCCD Print MFP Scan Complete Page

5. Below is an example of the Authorization email from PaperCut for cloud sanning permissions.

Click on the green button to go to your Cloud service and provide authorization.

example of PaperCut Authorization email

6. Click on allow to authorize PaperCut to send scans to your Cloud Storage.

example of PaperCut Permissions Request

7. Below is an example of the Confirmation message that you have successfully

authorized PaperCut to scan to your Cloud storage.

Example of PaperCut Confirmation Message

8. This is a typical email notification you will get each time you scan after you have

completed the Authorization process. A link is provided to your Cloud Storage.

Example of PaperCut email notification

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