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To enhance the safety of students and staff at YCCD, the college has selected the Catapult platform to implement an Emergency Messaging System (EMS) to provide students and staff cell phone based text messaging in the case of an emergency.

Catapult EMS is a web-based system intended for emergency text messaging only, using short message service (SMS) technology. Catapult system allows for two-way communication with any subscriber who may be involved or observing an emergency situation, in real-time.

Catapult system is open to all students and staff. Catapult system is completely voluntary and the user is required to Opt-in to enable their personal cell phone to send and receive messages in the case of an emergency. Catapult Subscribers can Opt-out at any time to discontinue the emergency messaging service.

Test messages will be sent to each user four times per year to insure the integrity of the system and each user will be charged standard text messaging rates by their cell phone service provider.

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