How to create a sandbox course in Canvas

How do I create a sandbox course in Canvas?

CANVAS – How to create a sandbox course in Canvas

Instructions and screenshots below go through the process of creating sandbox courses within our Canvas environment.


Important note – This process is for developing and testing sandbox courses only. Once your course is ready for teaching, you’ll need to import it into your actual course that was set up via the Colleague process because it contains integration with the Colleague system and your live students.

Create a sandbox course

  1. Click on ’Start a New Course’ button from your Canvas Dashboard
  2. Give it a Name, choose a license type, and click ‘Create course’ button to create the course
  3. Next, you’ll be taking into your newly created course.
  4. Now you are ready to build your course

Add students into your sandbox course

  1. When you’re ready you can add test-students by clicking on the ‘People’ link
  2. And then clicking on the ‘+People’ button
  3. Fill-in requested info and press the ’Next’ button
  4. Confirm the user(s) and click on the ‘Add Users’ button. This process will add them to this course and send notifications to users that they’ve been added to this course
  5. Congrats, your development/test environment is ready to go.
  Screen shots:

image of canvas homepage with arrow pointing to view course
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