Using Two Cameras while in a zoom meeting

Can I use two cameras in a ZOOM meeting?

Yes, Zoom supports dual cameras.

To present with two cameras in zoom:

1. Start or join a zoom session.

2. Start your video feed by clicking on the "Start Video" button.  This will be your first webcam feed.

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3. Click the "Share Screen" button, Then click "Advanced" and then click "Content from Second Camera".
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4. Click the "SHARE" button.

You now have an additional camera that can be seen by your meeting participants.  
If you want to switch the cameras, press the "Switch Camera" button (located at the top left of the meeting window).

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PLEASE NOTE: YOU CANNOT USE TWO CAMERAS AND PRESENT YOUR SCREEN AT THE SAME TIME.   You can only present your screen with 1 camera, or have two cameras active.

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