Student Worker Onboarding

What is the Student Worker Onboarding Process?

Student Worker Onboarding Process:

1. Student must contact financial aid and see if they are eligible to work as a student worker
2. We need to call Financial Aid (Ryan) and inform him of the student workers that wish to work. 
3. Financial aid should provide us a confirmation form that Jason and Martin has to sign that will serve as final proof.
(we need to request e-signatures for each confirmation form. 
Request signatures in this order:

        1. Student worker     (Signer)
        2. Jason Musselman    (Signer)
        3. Devin Crosby              (Signer
        4. Financial aid technician (probably Ryan G.)  (Approver)
4. We need to put that form in a folder in USS sharepoint ("student worker documents").

Work Requirements  (Help Desk)
Make sure Student Worker meets these requirements.

1. Sponsored Account (for HelpDesk Student Workers)
               a. Colleague Access  - Security group
               b. Whois / Script Repository Access  - Granted by hardware group
               c. TDX Access - Supervisor can create account
               d. MFP access - Security group
               e. O365 Access -  License
               f. Adobe - License





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