Setting up multi page and paper pdf files

How do I set up a PDF file to print on multi color paper and/or different layout requirements?
  • Open pdf document
  • Ctrl P or select Print using the file tab
  • Check 4 Area on the window below
    • (1) Yccd-print is select as the driver (This might not be the same as this sample)
    • (2) Make sure all Pages to Print is selected
    • (3) Select Actual size in the Page Sizing & Handling area
    • (4) Now select Properties

Image of driver print information

  • After properties is select on the window above
  • Select the Cover Mode tab on the top left
    • Select box for Per Page Setting
    • Select a new list and click on Edit List

Image of Cover Mode tab and per page setting/lists

  • Select Edit List Name, new window opens, Edit List Name, Input the List Name and select OK
  • Select Add
  • Add the page number of the first page printed different from the main print/paper
    • If you have other pages that will print like this Body selection, add pages per Entry Example
    • Select print Type, (in box below Page Number
    • Select pull down under Change Setting, (right of Print Type)
    • Select different Setting of these pages if different from Main body of the book
      • This example in Print (1-Sided) and main body is 2-sided

Image of Body set up of pages

  • Select Paper Tray
  • Select the tray where the different paper from the body will be loaded.
  • The paper type is auto selected at the MFP (Copier) as plain,

Image of window to set paper tray of the body

  • Select Add to add another body for additional different papers for the print job
  • This sample shows page numbers of multiple pages printed 2-sided
  • Select Paper Tray where it will be added to the MFP, as was done with previous body

Image of window to show additional body set ups

  • Continue to add Body numbers until file is complete for special paper or printing
  • Select OK when completed
  • Will go back to main properties window
  • Select the Basic tab on top left corner of window
  • Select the paper tray where the main paper of the body will be placed in the MFP
  • Select type is needed, (Body of this sample is white/plain paper)

Image of window to set main body of print

  • Select the Layout tab next to the basic tab
  • Select correct Print Type, (Sample is two sided)

Image window of layout tab of main body

  • Select Finish tab next to the Layout tab if 3-hole punch is needed.
  • Select Punch and 3-hole (Left)
  • Select OK if all properties are completed for set up of the print job.

Image window of Finish tab of main body

  • Select OK will close window
    • Select 1 copy
    • Suggest that a test print is proofed before sending any larger quantities
  • Select Print will send the job to your release folder at any District MFP
  • Do not close the document until you have tested

Image window of final test print set to User MFP release folder

  • Put the paper needed into the trays you are using (selected in the properties of the print driver)
  • Log into the MFP and select Device information
    • Select tray you are using and select setting
    • Make changes needed in the setting
  • Make sure paper in the machine trays match the color needed for the job
  • Log into the MFP again and release the job.
    • If correct you can add the quantity needed to the first window of the driver
    • The driver will retain the setting if you have not closed the pdf file

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