Canvas - Can't see course(s)

Why can't I see my course(s) in Canvas

There may be a couple of reasons for this:

  1. Are you actually enrolled in the course(s)?
    1. Students on waiting lists cannot access their course(s) from within Canvas until the actual registration process has occurred.
    2. There can be up to six-hour delay from the time you enroll into a course and before it appears in your Canvas environment.
  2. Course availability
    1. In general, courses are accessible to students only within the term dates
    2. The course must be published by your professor before it is accessible to students
    3. Only published courses automatically show up on Canvas Dashboard, to view all of your courses click on ‘Courses‘ button
    4. Not all YCCD courses use Canvas. If the course you are trying to access is not published please verify with your professor that she/he are using Canvas.
  3. Tip: Learn how to customize/organize your courses list

If you continue to have issues and you have verified:

  1. You’re enrolled in your course (via logging into Self-Service).
  2. It has been more than six hours since you have been enrolled in the course.
  3. The course is within the term dates of the current semester.

Please notify us by creating a support ticket from within Canvas  (via clicking on the “Help” icon and choosing ‘Report a problem’ option.

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