Canvas - Merge/Cross-Listing Courses

How do I Merge or Cross List Courses in Canvas?
  • First bring up the course that will be merged into the main one and click on Settings.
    • The section that does not have content in it
    • Also note – If this section has graded material you  will not be able to access it once the courses have been merged
      • Either save this info or have the students resubmit their work.  
  • On the settings page click on the Sections tab at the top.

Sections Tab

  • Click on the section that contains the students for the course, which brings up a list of enrollments.
  • Next, click on the Cross-List this Course button located on the right side of Canvas.

Cross-List Button Highlighted

  • This will bring up the Cross-List window. In the Search for Course input box, type in a portion of the target course’s title to bring up a drop down menu listing courses containing that text.

Cross-List Search Dropdown List

  • Select the course that you want to use and then click Cross-List This Section.

For more information see - Canvas site article link

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