YCCD Log In Challenge Questions

How do I answer the Challenge Questions?

Edit profile to change your Challenge Questions by selecting your ID# in top right corner of YCCD Single Sign-On Portal

Image of select challenge questions

  • Pick 5 of 15 questions and answer those questions
    • Tip: write down the questions you have selected and their answers for safe keeping. You may need to refer to them, should you forget your password and need to reset it.
    • Once you have selected and answered the 5 questions click the ‘Continue’ button to complete the process.

Image of sample challenge questions

  • Congratulations, after answering the five questions select continue

Image of try to continue logging in

  • At any time you will be able to modify these security settings from within your PortalGurard account.

If successful, you should now have access to all the YCCD systems in the Single Sign-On Portal.

Additional Resources

Other YCCD Log-In Steps


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