Share File from your District OneDrive

How do I share a file from my OneDrive?

You can share files located in your District OneDrive and apply restrictions on downloading the file and editing.

  • Open the file folder icon on your task bar at the bottom of your computer desktop.

image of file folder icon on computer desktop task bar

  • Open the Yuba Community College District OneDrive.

image of YCCD OneDrive location

  • Right click on the file you want to share from the OneDrive amd select Share

image of window to share the select file from OneDrive

  • The window below will open for sending to recipient and applying restrictions on the file access.

image to select groups and restrictions to file access

  • Select the red box in the picture above to make changes to the recipient and to set restrictions on the kind of access to the file they will receive.

image to select group having access to the file      image to select restrictions to the file

  • When completed, select Apply and this window will open. Enter the email of the person or people you want to have access to the file and click Send.

image to add email for recipient for the shared file

If you have questions, please contact or call 530-741-6981


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