Student Chromebook Checkout and Help Information

Using Respondus LockDown Browser on Chromebooks
How do I checkout and use a Chromebook?

To support you in your academic success, students may check out a Chromebook to their college account for the semester while they are actively enrolled in classes. It will be due back no later than the last day of this semester and must be returned as soon as you have finished submitting your work and finals.


Do NOT return your tech items to the book drop. To arrange techology item returns, please call the following numbers: Woodland Community College: 530-661-5740; Yuba College: 530-741-6755; Lake County Center Library: 707-995-7915; Colusa County Center: 530-668-2500

Included in your checkout:

  • Chromebook
  • Case
  • Power cord (2 parts)
  • Optional accessories - headset, mouse, hotspot, webcam

Get Started!

If you are new to Chromebooks, here are some tips:
  • Chromebooks are not the same as Windows or Mac laptops
  • You cannot save files on the Chromebook Desktop but you can save files to the YCCD Microsoft 365 OneDrive or to your personal Google Drive
  • Turn on your Chromebook: Push Power button in upper right corner

Office 365 (to access programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

  • Click Next
  • Log into the YCCD Single Sign-On Portal using your Student ID & password
  • Click Get Started in lower right corner
  • Click Email/Office 365
  • Click the App Launcher grid in the upper left corner to see the list of programs available
  • Notice there are two apps located on the bottom middle of your screen: Chrome browser, One Drive (it will appear shortly), and Zoom (for online meetings)

Helpful Resources

For futher help, please email User Support Services at or call 530-741-6981.
Search the YCCD Information Technology Knowledge Base for articles related to Chromebook, Canvas, Respondus LockDown Browser, Using Chromebook offline and more. Check this resource frequently for new articles. In the Knowledge Base search box, use keyword "Chromebook" to find Chromebook specific information.
To work offline, you will need to complete the following steps every time you log out of your Chromebook:
  1. While connected to a network, login using your YCCD login
  2. Open the Play Store
  3. Install the app that you want to use offline (Word, Excel, PowerPoint…)
  4. DO NOT LOGOUT, simply close the cover and do NOT let it run out of power
  5. Note: Closing the lid will put the Chromebook into a power saving mode
  6. Unlock the computer (off network)
  7. Work on any documents/projects - these must be saved to a USB drive

While working offline you will not have access to any online service, so make sure to download any documents you need to work.

Working Offline with your Google account

Chromebook Help Article: Use Your Chromebook Offline

Respondus LockDown Browser

During the semester, your professor may require you to take class exams through the Respondus Lockdown Browser. This app is preloaded on your YCCD Chromebooks. To access your exams through the Respondus LockDown Browser:
  • Turn on your Chromebook
  • On the lower left corner, click Apps
  • Click Lockdown Browser
  • In the search box, enter Yuba Community College District and click Select Log into Canvas
  • When you have completed and submitted your exam, exit the Respondus LockDown Browser by restarting the Chromebook. To restart, push the power button and choose Power Off.

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Delete highlighted text: Alt + Backspace
  • Copy highlighted text: Ctrl + C
  • Paste highlighted text: Ctrl + V
  • Remove highlighted text: Ctrl + X
  • Undo the last thing you did: Ctrl + Z (repeat to undo the last several things you did)
  • Lock Screen: Search + L
Never walk away from your Chromebook without signing out or locking it. Put a padlock on it so no one can change your files or delete something while you are away. When you reenter your password, everything you had opened on the screen will still be there waiting for you.
  • Snap Windows: Alt + [ for first window and Alt + ] for second window

It is sometimes helpful to have two windows open side by side so you can see both of them at the same time. For example, you might do Internet research in one Window while you type in a Google Doc on the other. To do this:

Click & hold one of the tabs and drag it down so it moves to its own Chrome window
Click one window and press Alt + [  (this moves the window to the left of the screen)
Click on the second window and press Alt + ] (this moves the window to the right of the screen). Now the two windows should be side-by-side.

Take a Screenshot of the Entire Screen: Ctrl + Switch Window key

This takes a screenshot of your Chromebook screen and saves it to your default location - either your Downloads folder (see Access Files below) or Google Drive.

Access Files: Alt + Shift + M

Chrome OS has a file manager similar to Windows Explorer. From it, you can access files in your Google Drive and files saved in your Downloads folder.

Zoom in Webpage: Ctrl + + to zoom in or Ctrl + – to zoom out

Some sites use larger fonts than others and occasionally you may want to zoom in or out on a particular webpage. To do this: repeatedly press Ctrl + + to zoom in or Ctrl + – to zoom out. You can reset the zoom level by pressing Ctrl + 0 (zero)

Chrome Browser History: Ctrl + H.

Have you ever wished that you had bookmarked a web page for later use? You can view previously accessed web pages in your browser history.

Capitalize a letter: Shift + the letter

Caps Lock: Alt + Search

If you want to turn caps lock on you can press Alt + Search. A popup will show in the bottom-right corner of the screen letting you know that CAPS LOCK is on. To turn caps lock off, press Alt + Search again.

Save all Open Webpage Tabs into a Bookmarks Folder: Ctrl + Shift + D (after you press the shortcut you will enter a folder name)

Chromebook Keyboard Overlay Hints: Ctrl + Alt + ?

If you do not remember some of these shortcuts or are looking for others, press Ctrl + Alt +? to open the Keyboard Shortcuts help window.

Sign Out of Chromebook: Ctrl + Shift + Q (twice)

To sign out of your Chromebook with just the keyboard, press Ctrl + Shift + Q (twice)

Synchronizing Your Bookmarks - Link to synchronizing

If you open a new tab in Chrome, you can save bookmarks within your Chromebook. This information saves across your devices through the Google Cloud.

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