Students using Chromebook offline

How do I use applications on Chromebook when I am offline?

It’s possible for students to work offline, but certain steps have to be taken in order to do so.  It’s not a difficult process, but it does have to be completed every time they logout of the machine.

  1. While connected to a network
    1. Login using their YCCD Credentials
    2. Open the Play Store
      1. Install the app they want to use offline (Word, Excel, Powerpoint…)
  2. DO NOT LOGOUT, simply close the cover and do NOT let it run out of power.
    1. Note: Closing the lid will put the unit into a power saving mode.
  3. Unlock the computer (off network)
    1. Work on any documents/projects
      1. Note: These must be saved to a USB drive.

While working offline the students will not have access to any online service.  So they’ll want to make sure they download any documents they need to work on.

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