Print from USB at the Multi functional printer (biz hub)

How do I save files from home and print on the District Multi Functional Printers (biz hub copiers)?

You can save files from home to USB flash drive as PDF file format (only file type that will print) and release the print files at the MFP (biz hub copier).

Please follow the steps below when printing from USB at the MFPs.

1.   Log in with your YCCD ID and select Device Functions.

      image of device functions

2.   Make sure you see the following screen with your login on top before you put the USB drive in:

      image pf printer option page

3.   Insert a USB memory device into the USB port (close to the front panel) of the machine.


  • When this machine is starting up, do not insert or remove the USB memory device to/from the USB port.
  • Do not insert the USB memory device into the USB port close to the rear panel of this machine.

           image of where to insert drive to printer

3.   Tap [Print a document from External Memory.].

  • You can also print files by selecting the User Box operation mode and by tapping [System] - [External Memory].

            image of print screen from files

4.   Select a file to print, then tap [Print].

  • The machine will read PDF file format.
  • You can directly enter the path to the file folder in the [File Path] field.
  • Tap the [Top] key to move upward.
  • Tap the [Open] key to open the folder and move downward.
  • Tap [Details] to display and check the detailed file information.
  • After selecting correct file, select print.

           image of file select

5.   Set print options if necessary.

  • You can select a paper size for printing
  • You can select Finishing options (Staple, Hole Punch)
  • You can select simplex/duplex and color or grayscale
  • For additional options, select Application

         image pf printing options

6.   Press the Start key.

        image of start key on printer

Printing starts.

7.   When printing is complete, remove the USB memory device from the port of this machine.

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